Openness and responsibility

The Aduno Group is committed to clear and transparent information processes and the protection of the interests of its shareholders and investors.


This chapter describes the management and control principles applied at the top level of the Aduno Group in compliance with the guidelines concerning information on corporate governance of the SIX Swiss Exchange (corporate governance guidelines). Where no information is provided on a specific section of the SIX guidelines, this issue is not relevant for or does not apply to the Aduno Group.

Group structure and shareholders

As the holding company, Aduno Holding AG, with its registered office in Zurich, directly or indirectly owns all companies that belong to the Aduno Group. The scope of consolidation includes non-listed companies only. The Group structure with the business segments and legal entities is described on page 12 of the Annual Report. All the companies included in the scope of consolidation are listed in the financial report on page 83.

Major shareholders

The following shareholders held more than three per cent of the company as at 31 December 2015.

There is a shareholders’ agreement binding on all shareholders. The contracting parties include all Swiss Cantonal Banks, Bank Coop AG, Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative, Entris Banking AG, BSI SA and Migros Bank AG. The agreement was renewed in 2010 for another ten years.