Dynamics in Acquiring

When the card business was still in its infancy, cashless payment was primarily used in hotels, restaurants and shops. Today, payment terminals can be found at every turn: in car parks, taxis and newsstands. There are even churches where parishioners can make cashless contributions to the collection plate. Credit cards are also being used increasingly often for small amounts.

Aduno boasts more than 20,000 contractual partners. From the baker around the corner to taxi companies with 250 vehicles. From organic farms to globally-active wholesalers with an online shop. Every customer makes their own requirements of cashless payment transactions. The challenging task facing Aduno is to develop solutions which meet the individual needs of individual retailers as well as possible while ensuring customer care and service for the payment terminals.

Investing in new technologies

Customers of the Aduno Group are always among the first to benefit from the introduction of cutting-edge technology. The group develops new products, services and technology platforms in all business segments and invests about CHF 30 million per year in new projects.

Even before contactless credit cards appeared on the Swiss market, Aduno ensured acceptance and equipped retailers with the relevant payment terminals. The trend towards cashless settlement of increasingly small amounts could already be observed at that time and is increasing visibly with contactless credit cards. The advantages for retailers are obvious: contactless payment processes take only a fraction of the time and more customers can be served in a shorter time. The corresponding offer from Aduno is becoming increasingly popular.

AdunoAccess is the free online portal where contractual partners can find all the information concerning cashless payment in a single place. They no longer need to read e-mails or letters as they have round-the-clock online access to their contractual data and a complete overview of all credit notices.

In myTransactions, retailers have a tailor-made tool for control and accountancy management of all cashless transactions for over-the-counter and online trade. myTransactions also provides a comprehensive, detailed and thus strategically valuable overview up to current terminal and Acquirer data. Time-consuming sorting and checking of payments and transactions are very definitely a thing of the past.

Strengthening online trade

According to the Federal Statistical Office, almost 80 per cent of the Swiss population over the age of 14 uses the Internet several times a week. Since 2011, the volume of online and mail-order trade has increased by between seven and ten percent a year according to GfK (a leader in market research) – and the trend is rising.

With VisecaOne and Viseca MasterPass, the Aduno Group presents two innovations designed to strengthen online trade even further. In the future, card customers of Viseca will be able to make online purchases even more quickly and securely. To begin with, VisecaOne eliminates the need to enter a static 3-D Secure password. One click is all it takes with the dynamic two-factor authentication. And with Viseca MasterPass, online customers no longer need to enter their credit card information or delivery address, as these are already securely stored digitally. The simple checkout process means fewer abandoned transactions and more satisfied customers.