Against the backdrop of digitisation

The Aduno Group pushed ahead with great momentum in 2015 with the digital trans­formation of its business. The conditions for digital payment were created and initial solutions presented. The Consumer Finance division launched an innovative product with the study loan. The favourable capital market environment was used to float two bonds.

Excellent basis for digitisation

The Aduno Group is not only a leading centre of competence for payment and data services, but also works on the basis of the card programmes of MasterCard and Visa. Because the global enterprises Apple, Google and Samsung also rely on the established credit card providers as partners for their digital payment services, this gives the Aduno Group an important initial advantage.

The brand awareness and market power of Apple and the like are set to speed up the establishment of digital payment in the mass market. For customers, cooperation with the credit card providers means that digital payment solutions are based on existing credit cards and are user-friendly and secure. In addition, credit cards are accepted globally. For the merchant, a card-based digital payment solution can be deployed without additional outlay both in the physical store on the basis of the proven NFC technology and in the online shop. And for the Aduno Group, the connection of digital payment solutions to the credit card providers serves to establish the credit card even more as a day-to-day means of payment. And a higher penetration rate not least also promises rising transaction volumes.

The time-to-market factor is crucial in view of the dynamic developments surrounding digital payment. The Aduno Group accordingly pushed ahead at full steam with the strategic projects associated with digitisation in 2015. The focus was placed on implementing the necessary processes, systems and technologies. Alongside this, specific solutions were already presented in the form of VisecaOne and Viseca SwissWallet.

VisecaOne and Viseca MasterPass digital services launched

VisecaOne is a digital service launched in 2015 that makes shopping and paying on the Internet more secure and convenient. It consists of a portal and an app for smartphones. Following one-time registration, customers can check and approve card payments in online shops using the VisecaOne app. They no longer have to remember a 3-D Secure password. Instead they receive a push message on their smartphone every time a transaction is carried out, which can be confirmed or rejected with just one click in the VisecaOne app. With VisecaOne, Viseca is also the only provider in Switzerland to support the confirmation of online payments on the Apple Watch. A specific app for Apple Watch was developed, which is automatically installed on the watch as soon as you have registered for VisecaOne.

Together with VisecaOne, the online payment solution Viseca MasterPass was also launched. Viseca MasterPass is a digital wallet that can be used to make online purchases. Customers manage and use their cards via a single login and receive secure and easy access to the globally accepted payment solution, be this via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Merchants can connect Viseca MasterPass quickly and directly to existing points of sale and payment systems. Central data storage offers advantages particularly to small online shops as they do not have to meet the high security requirements themselves. The transaction process is significantly accelerated, thereby minimising the discontinuation rate. In addition, Swiss merchants gain access to customers across the world who are able to pay with the same standard.

SwissWallet joint venture founded

Viseca MasterPass is an initial service offered by SwissWallet. The newly founded SwissWallet AG is a joint venture of the two leading companies Aduno Group and Swisscard AECS as well as the software company Netcetera. Its aim is the development and operation of digital payment solutions. The partners plan to supplement the service range of SwissWallet with new functions on an ongoing basis.

surprize with increasing popularity

surprize, the Aduno Group’s rewards programme, developed well in the reporting year. The number of registered participants increased by around a third and the points collected were exchanged more frequently for rewards. Not least the two “money back” campaigns allowing participants to redeem surprize points for credits on their credit card for a limited period contributed to this encouraging result. In addition, further companies joined surprize as rewards partners, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of the programme.

Own mPOS solution in the pipeline

For smaller merchants for whom the acquisition of a payment terminal is too expensive or for those who operate on a mobile basis, mPOS is the ideal solution for cashless payments. mPOS stands for mobile point of sale. The Aduno mPOS product consists of an inexpensive card reader and a simple point of sale app and turns the merchant’s smartphone or tablet into a fully integrated payment system. Further benefits are an attractive price and straightforward contract conclusion. This makes cashless payment mobile and affordable for new merchant target groups. The Aduno Group developed and tested its mPOS product over the past financial year and plans to launch it in 2016.

Integration of AdunoKaution

Following its acquisition in the previous year, Euro-Kaution was integrated into the Payment business of the Aduno Group in 2015 and renamed AdunoKaution. The unit operates successfully in the guarantee deposit business. Private and corporate customers can replace their rental deposit with a guarantee from AdunoKaution and use the money that is freed up for other purposes. The objective is therefore to take the cash flow pressure off customers, which in turn fits into the concept of the Aduno Group. The AdunoKaution business represents an ideal expansion of the area of activity of the Aduno Group.

cashgateCAREER, the study loan

cashgate launched a completely new product in 2015 – the cashgateCAREER study loan. What is special about this new product is that it can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of each customer during the period of studies. Customers benefit from a reduced instalment during their studies. The standard instalment only applies following completion of the studies. The loan is paid directly to the educational institution selected by the customer. An online calculator is available for customers to calculate their monthly expenses during and after their studies.